In 2008, I had a request for a different clip called a Lockjaw. I ordered a few because of the rave review the handler gave, and I became an instant convert.

In my opinion, the LockJaw clip is outstanding. This is what I now use on many of my own leashes and longlines. As the name implies, it is a locking clip. It opens just like a clothespin... just squeeze. This makes it very fast, easy and convienient to put onto (or take off of) a squirming dog. At that point you just roll the lock back and presto, it is locked.

Lockjaw clips are imported from Italy. They cost me $7.00 each and I just pass that cost along to whoever buys them with no additional markup. That is, if you want a Lockjaw clip, I will just add $7.00 to the price of your lead.

I only mention it because I believe it is:

        1. A 'best-in-class' product.
        2. Actually worth the extra money.
        3. Something I use and believe in.
        4. Something that enhances the value of my product.

Of course, your mileage may vary.
The clip, the connector between the line and the harness or collar, is a critical part of the leash. I offer three different clips because each handler has his own preference. Your clip will be sized appropriately to the line you buy.
Scissors clips are my favorite inexpensive clip. It is strong, secure, lightweight, and fairly glove friendly. Available for 5/8" and 3/4".

A bolt clip or a scissors clip is included in the price of the lead.
Scissors Clip
Bolt clips are the ones found on most leashes and longlines. They are stronger and heavier than a scissors clip, quite secure but not particularly glove friendly. Available for 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4".

A bolt clip or a scissors clip is included in the price of the lead.
Bolt Clip
LockJaw Clip
Strong, secure, very easy to operate, and very glove-friendly. It is heavier than either the scissors or the bolt clip and is available only for 5/8" and 3/4" lines.
It's heavy, 30% heavier than a comparably sized bolt clip, and almost double the weight of a scissors clip.

It's expensive! My cost for the last batch was just over $6.90

I have had one failure in the field, a metal fracture in a key spot. This is less than a 1% failure rate, but still I thought you should know before buying. The handler liked the clip so well, that he had me replace it with the identical type clip!

If you buy a Lochjaw clip and do not like it or if it fails, I will replace it with the clip of your choice, of course.

You can't make an informed decision without information.

As I said before, I still prefer LockJaw Clips on my own stuff with my own 85 pound Maligator.
What you should know before ordering a LockJaw clip.

The Very Best in Biothane