If you have a large dog or one that pulls extremely hard, then Supergrip is the product for you. It is relatively thick, soft, and pliable. The strength is outstanding, 750 pounds nominal, but where it excels is grip!

One customer, a rather small-ish woman with a rather huge-ish Bloodhound, tells me that her 15' Supergrip line makes a big, big difference in her ability to hang onto her Hound as he attempts to drag her along.

Schutzhund folks use SuperGrip for agitation leashes because, when the dog pulls and lunges, you can still hang on.
That's important.
The helpers tend think so too (ask me how I know).

Sure grip is truly wonderful stuff. It offers outstanding grip and 'feel'. However, I feel that it has 2 issues to consider:

          1. Weight. It is heavier than the normal stuff. Because of that, I do not recommend it for lines over 15 feet or 5 meters (personal preference).

  1. Grip. It has such great grip that it does not slide over, under, or around stuff. Not a problem in a short lead, but it can be an issue in a longer line, especially in woods and scrub.

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