ManTrailing and Tracking Lines

 What is Biothane?

The Very Best in Biothane

   Sometimes called Pleather or Artificial Leather, Biothane is a trademarked patented artificial material with the feel (and look) of leather, but without some of the problems associated with leather.
     Biothane is strong, durable, and pliable. It comes in various widths, thicknesses, and colors. It is low maintenance (I personally like that). When it gets wet, it dries with no ill effects. If it gets muddy or soiled, simply wash it with soap and water and wipe it dry.
     Want to disinfect it? Go ahead. Wipe it with a disinfectant. 
     Biothane leads don't get snagged on the briars and brambles we have here, and they don't tend to tangle or knot-up like rope.
     The folks at the manufacturing plant tell me that Biothane gets brittle at -56 Degrees Farenheit. Thats -49 Celsius, and that, my friend, is flippin' COLD. If you are out with your dog in that kind of weather, you are far more dedicated than I am. I tend grumble when we get a call out in the 20's.
     The black and the brown Biothane look like leather, and until recently they were the long line color of choice for me. Now, however, I find that I like the high visibility of the bright orange and brilliant yellow stuff. A brown or black line is too easy to lose in tall grass or woods. I have actually gotten in my car and, as I was driving away, saw my bright orange 25' line lying in the grass. That never would have happened if the line had been brown!
      I also have a pimpled Biothane called SuperGrip  It is much thicker and softerl. It gives a much improved grip (hence the name). 
      If you have a big dog who pulls hard, or if you have arthritis or other hand strength issues, you might consider SuperGrip. It makes an absolutely fantastic leash.
Due to its weight, I do not recommend a length of more than 15 feet (~5 m). If your trails are mostly in woods or brush, I would steer clear of SuperGrip. It does not slide easily around the trees and you will spend more time untangling your line than trailing your dog.
What's wrong with Biothane?
So far, heres the list:
1.    It's not a Do-It-Yourself product.
2.    Brads and Rivets work, but they severely weaken it, so sewing is the best option.
3.    It's a bear to sew.